Pitcairn Island 2012
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  • VP6T Plans – Reminder

    Posted on January 11th, 2012 F4BKV No comments

    Since we got many requests asking for 6m operation, EME, SSTV, 60m, etc .. we would like to clarify the following:

    We are a small team of 5 operators, and we were very limited in baggage weight and size, mainly on the Air Tahiti domestic flight. So we had to make choices. While most of us are 6m operators, we had decided to not spend much of our precious time and effort on this band.

    No antenna will be taken for 6m, as well as no time slot is booked for 6m in our operation schedule (it will already be very hard to keep 3 HF stations running 24/7 with 5 operators).

    On the other side, we are aware there is potentially an old 5elts Yagi 6m antenna (left by OH2BR probably). If time permits, we will try to locate it and if it is still in good shape after 12 years spent on the island, then we may install it and make some tests on 6m, using conventional modes (CW and/or SSB). In that case, it will be announced on this web site, or on air by the HF operators.

    So to summarize, 6m operation from Pitcairn has not been on our agenda since the early planning stage, as well as all others bands/modes that are not specified on this web site. Thank you for your understanding.

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