Pitcairn Island 2012
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  • Pitcairn – 27th January update

    Posted on January 27th, 2012 F4BKV No comments

    We are now about half way through the VP6T Pitcairn operation. The exact close-down time will depend on the weather forecast for the three-day sail from Pitcairn back to Mangareva in French Polynesia. But at a guess, we’ll probably be starting to pack up in the morning (local time, i.e around 1700z) on Thursday Feb 2.

    The 34,800 VP6T QSOs made so far have all been up-loaded regularly to both ClubLog and LoTW. It’s interesting to see that the “QSL” percentage on LoTW is well over 25% within a few hours of each up-load. The LoTW up-load process itself has speeded up massively of late. It now only takes a minute or so for our daily batch of 5,000 QSOs to up-load.

    Jacques F6BEE, Michel FM5CD, Vincent F4BKV and Gilles VE2TZT are all making huge efforts on both 80m and 160m. However, sadly (apart from the first night) Top Band has been very frustrating with only a handful of European QSOs. But they will keep trying every night!

    Meanwhile we have located the old 5-el 50 MHz beam left behind on Pitcairn by Jukka OH2BR (VP6BR) and we will be trying to make a few contacts on Six if time and conditions allow. Please do not bombard us with E-mail requests for 6m skeds — our main focus remains in maximising the number Pitcairn QSOs we can hand out on the nine HF Bands!

    73 de VP6T Team

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