Online QSL Request Service (OQRS)

This is an Online QSL Request Form that can be used to request QSL confirmation both via Direct and Bureau. You can request more than one QSL at one time. Your QSL card(s) are automatically mailed to you or automatically sent through the QSL bureau. You do not need to send your card! SWL Stations can not use this OQRS.

Direct QSL
For a minimum Paypal payment of 3 Euro, the QSL cards will be directly send to you within the next 3 months.

Bureau QSL
You can also request cards through the bureau. Your cards will automatically be sent within 1 year. No payment is necessary.

LOTW is updated at least every month and after the end of each activity, as soon as possible. eQSL is not used and I do not send QSL by email.

When using the Online QSL Request Service, do not send any further cards via the bureau or direct!

You can request QSLs for the following stations.
Call Entity Notes
3A/F4BKV Monaco
3B8/F4BKV Mauritius Isl. IOTA AF-049
3B9/F4BKV Rodrigues Isl. IOTA AF-017
9A/F4BKV Croatia IOTA EU-110 , EU-136 , EU-170
9H3KV Malta IOTA EU-023
9M6/F4BKV East Malaysia IOTA OC-088 & OC-133
9V1/F4BKV Singapore IOTA AS-019
BW/F4BKV Taiwan IOTA AS-020
CN2KV Morocco
DL/F4BKV Germany IOTA EU-042 , EU-057 , EU-128 , EU-129
DU1/F4BKV Philippines IOTA OC-244
DU6/F4BKV Philippines IOTA OC-129
E51BKV South Cook Isl. IOTA OC-013 & OC-159
EA1/F4BKV Spain IOTA EU-080
EA3/F4BKV Spain IOTA EU-078 (Contests with this callsign are from mainland)
EA6/F4BKV Balearic Isl. IOTA EU-004
EA8/F4BKV Canary Isl. IOTA AF-004
F4BKV France
F4BKV/P France IOTA EU-032 , EU-064 , EU-159 , EU-107 , EU-074 , EU-105 , EU-148 , EU-095 , EU-070 , EU-058
FG/F4BKV Guadeloupe Isl. IOTA NA-102 & NA-114
FH/F4BKV Mayotte IOTA AF-027
FK/F4BKV New Caledonia IOTA OC-033 & OC-032
FR/F4BKV Reunion Isl. IOTA AF-016
FS/F4BKV St Martin Isl. IOTA NA-105
HL2/F4BKV South Korea
ID9/F4BKV Italy IOTA EU-017
IL3/F4BKV Italy IOTA EU-130 & EU-131
IM0/F4BKV Sardinia IOTA EU-041 & EU-165
IS0/F4BKV Sardinia IOTA EU-024
LA/F4BKV/P Norway IOTA EU-056 & EU-079
MM/F4BKV Scotland IOTA EU-009 , EU-010 , EU-012 , EU-123
OH/F4BKV Finland IOTA EU-096 , EU-097 , EU-173
OH0/F4BKV Aland Isl. IOTA EU-002
OZ/F4BKV Denmark IOTA EU-029 , EU-125 , EU-171 , EU-172
PJ7/F4BKV St Marteen Isl. IOTA NA-105
SM0/F4BKV Sweden IOTA EU-084
SP/F4BKV Poland IOTA EU-132
TK/F4BKV Corsica IOTA EU-014
UT/F4BKV Ukraine
V85/F4BKV Brunei IOTA OC-088
VR2/F4BKV Hong Kong IOTA AS-006 (only until May 2009, then Mainland)
XU7BKV Cambodia
XX9TKV Macau IOTA AS-075
YB9/F4BKV Indonesia IOTA OC-022
Z38/F4BKV Macedonia

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